For GPS Tracking system authentication please call Mr. Prashant Giri +919136637767 We are United Registrar of Systems ISO 9001 certified      We are United Registrar of Systems OHSAS 18001:2007 certified      We are United Registrar of Systems ISO 14001 certified      Asia's largest facility catering to more than 11000+ health care units     

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SMS ENVOCLEAN Private Limited, Mumbai is a Group Company of SMS Limited, Nagpur. is the company involved in Management of handling Bio-Medical Waste Collection, Transport, Treatment & Disposal facilities. We are operating in the Jurisdiction of Mumbai City.

  • We are serving more than 13000 (Asia’s Largest CBWTF) Clients in Mumbai city.
  • Manage about 48400 beds in HCF at Mumbai city.
  • We have 59 vehicles with specified routes for BMW collection.
  • Non chlorinated Bar coded bags provision to HCF.
  • State of art facility having Incineration, Autoclaving, Chemical disinfection and shredding facility.
  • Training to HCF for safe handling and management of BMW.
  • OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 9001, & ISO 14001 Certified company.

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Biomedical Waste collection

We are providing waste collection service to all clients ranging from 24 hrs to 48 hrs...

Barcode waste bags for BMW handling

Provision of colored bags as per BMWR-2016 for storage and transport of biomedical waste...

Biomedical Waste Bins

We are also providing the waste bins as per colour coding for storage of biomedical waste...

Training to HCF’s

We have a dedicated team to provide trainings to HCF employees on proper management, handling..

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At our facility Biomedical waste destructed by the combustion of organic substances contained in ..


This facility has 8 TPD (Designed capacity) autoclave facility dedicated for the purposes of disinfecting ..

Chemical Disinfection

This facility has 15 TPD (Designed capacity) chemical disinfection facility dedicated for the purposes ..


This facility has 20TPD (Designed capacity) shredding facility and post chemical treatment ..

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